Your home is your most prized possession. It is the safe zone that you can come home to and just relax after a long day at work. It is the place where the most important people in your life live ~ your family. It is also the place where your memories reside and new ones will be made. This home is an expression of who you are. A place to design, create, and choose your favorite colors as you decorate the rooms of your home. 

When storms come, as they often do in Central Minnesota, and damages occur to our home, we almost take it personally! How dare that storm injures my home, we may think. Of course, storms are just random and there is no deliberate intention. Damages could be from hail, fallen trees during a tornado, or debris from straight-line wind storms. What should a homeowner do if a severe storm creates damages? (How to hire an arborist to avoid trees falling on your roofs)

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Stay Calm

Stress and tension can lead to further frustrations. The best course of action, to begin with, is just to take a deep breath and realize it will all be okay. Most likely many of your neighbors are experiencing the same type of damage. A strong community will pull together and help with the cleanup, and make sure there are areas of help to go to in case of need. 

Stearns County Emergency Management assists with a state of readiness to meet natural, man-made, and technological disasters within the county. They coordinate local disaster resources for those in need. Their number is (320)259-3940. It would be wise to discuss with them, before a disaster occurs, exactly what their role is, so you can be prepared. Place their phone number in a safe area easily accessible. 

Take Pictures

When to storm passes, and it is safe to go outside, safely take some pictures of the damage. Has a tree fallen on the roof? Take pictures of different angles if you are able. Be wary of climbing on the roof as the surface may not be sturdy. Record some video of the damage if you can safely maneuver around the area. This is all good information to have as you move forward. 

Quick Fixes

If there is water leaking in your kitchen, or other areas, grab a few buckets, pails, pots, or anything container you can find to collect the water. You don’t want or need, more damage to the interior of your home. Cover your belongings with tarps to protect them. If you are able to cover the holes in the roof with tarps, do so safely. 

Call a Trusted Roofing Professional

Rival Roofing is a local roofing company in Central Minnesota ready to help with any complications caused by storm damage. Our specialist will conduct a thorough property inspection of your home to determine the extent of the damage. We will inspect the roof gutters, windows, and other exterior features. We will then provide you with a written report, including photos. This information can be submitted to your insurance company as proof of storm damage. The photos you have taken will assist the insurance company as well. 

storm damage roof, roof damage, roof repair, Central Minnesota

Contact your Insurance Agent

Give a call to your insurance agent to discuss the policy they sold you. It is best to speak with an agent, rather than just a random person at the corporate office. Your agent will be able to assist you concerning your particular situation, and may even be able to come out and assess your home. 

When the time comes for repair, place your trust back in Rival Roofing. We are dedicated to providing you with superior roofing products and services. We have a personal vested interest in our community and helping where we can. Oftentimes, when a storm passes through town, traveling roofing companies try to make a quick buck. Place your trust in a local roofing company that treats you like family. 

We can help you restore your home and bring comfortable living conditions back.