Things To Do In Central Minnesota

Better known as the Heart of Minnesota, Central Minnesota is a natural oasis filled with serene lakes, beautiful forests, rivers, and streams. The area is a wonderland for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Come along as we explore some of the best spots in Central Minnesota.

Central Minnesota mural

Explore The Beautiful Lake Wobegon Trail

Lake Wobegon was a fictional town created by Garrison Keilor. The town featured in the author’s radio program “A Prairie Home Companion” quickly became a beloved town in the heart of listeners. The Lake Wobegon Trail is a 62-mile cycling trail that runs through several rural communities in Central Minnesota. Cyclists can enjoy the beauty of these splendid sleepy towns as it passes by many rolling hills, rivers, and the odd cow or two.

Wade Through The Waters Of The Lakes Of Central Minnesota

Central Minnesota is home to some of the state’s most beautiful lakes and wetlands. Across these thousands of lakes and waterways, you’ll find diverse plant, marine, and bird species, making them a favorite among bird-watchers and fishers. Some of the most popular lakes include Brainerd Lakes, Ottertail Lake, Alexandria Lakes, Lake Mille, and more. All these lakes offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy several watersports, fishing, and even ice fishing.

Deep Dive Into Central Minnesota’s Art And Culture Scene

The town of Brainerd, Perham, Hutchinson, Sauk Center and Fergus Falls are all teeming with some of the most mesmerizing arts and cultural sites. In Hutchinson, you can embark on a self-guided sculpture scroll and walk among the city’s 13 permanent sculptures. In Sauk Center, visitors can go on a guided mural tour of the town and feast their eyes on these public masterpieces.

Witness The Beauty Of The Mississippi River

In St.Cloud, visitors can hear the thundering of the Mississippi River as it enters the town’s dam. The city of St.Cloud uses the Mississippi River to create hydroelectric power. You can catch this all in action at the city’s dam. For those who prefer a little more excitement, just a stretch away from the dam, you can enjoy some exciting water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, swimming, and more.